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These Internet safety hints were compiled
to keep children safe online,
but adults should use caution as well.

Even if you're an old hand at surfing the Net,
keep these safety tips in mind:

  • DO NOT believe everything you see or hear online!

  • Anybody can get a website and most websites are not monitored or checked in any way. Even educational or entertainment sites may be trying to sell something or to influence people to believe something that is not true.

  • Some people deliberately put false information on their sites because they enjoy seeing how people will respond to what they have posted.
  • Use caution when providing information to anyone on the Internet.
    Children should always ask parents' permission before giving anyone your real name, or posting your picture, address, telephone number or the name of your school.
    Make up a name or handle to use in chat rooms and on personal pages such as Myspace.

  • Don't respond to messages that make you feel uncomfortable.
    If someone on a mailing list or in a chat room makes a comment that makes you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, tell someone! Children should tell an adult about any rude or embarrassing emails or chats they receive. If you are using a public computer in the library, report the incident to the computer lab supervisor.

  • Never tell anyone your password.

  • Use caution when entering personal information, credit card numbers or bank information to online forms. Make sure the site is secure and/or encrypted. Children should always ask parents' permission before filling out surveys or forms online.

  • Never arrange to get together with someone you met online unless you are in a public place. Children should discuss any such meetings with your parents first and make sure an adult goes with you.

  • If information you see or hear on the Internet seems questionable or frightening, check other sources such as books, magazines or newspapers.