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Travels of a Lonely Book . . . the True Story
A.K.A. How a Book Gets to the Library Through DTS

 Hi!  My name is “Besty Seller”.  I was a lonely book in a warehouse just waiting for a new home.  My hope was to be adopted by a library so that I could meet all kinds of wonderful people.   Waiting on the shelf for the process to begin seemed like an eternity. 

     It all started when a library material selector saw my name on a best seller list and decided to place the order through iPage.  Once that order was finished, the acquisition clerk in DTS placed the order.   That is when Ingram had me pulled off the shelf, packed into a dark box with a bunch of other books, and loaded onto the UPS truck.  The journey to my new home had begun.  I anxiously awaited my final destination, wherever that was!


     When I arrived at DTS in Kingman, I waited patiently in my box on the table in the receiving area.  All around me I heard happy voices.  I could tell that everyone in DTS functioned well as a team.  Then a receiving clerk unpacked my box and put me on her cart.  She proceeded to “receive” me in Sirsi and check me for any damage.  When she finished her paperwork she took me over to Cataloging.


     I was so excited when a cataloger put me on her cart so she could locate a complete record that told all about me.  Imagine that!  I knew there was a short MARC record, which told a little about me, but I had no idea that there was a complete record!  When she finished working on my new record in Sirsi she put a centralized address label on my first page, stamped me with the Mohave County Library District stamp, and sent me to the final processing area.


    That is when I met a final processor.   She put a branch location stamp in my upper right corner of my first page.  It was at that moment I realized my new home would be in beautiful Lake Havasu.   How exciting!  The next part of my experience was a little embarrassing, but I suppose it had to be done…She took off my book jacket.  I felt so exposed!  Then she custom fitted a book jacket cover to go over it.  It looked so shiny and clean.  Then she taped my newly covered jacket back on my covers ever so carefully.  I have to admit I did look really amazing.  It was like getting a new tailored suit from an exclusive fashion designer!  After being discharged, I was placed in the Lake Havasu box with a bunch of other really exciting, beautiful books.  When the box was full, it was taped and sent by courier to Lake Havasu.


     On the last leg of my journey so many emotions ran through me.  My departure from the friendly staff in DTS was bittersweet.  I knew I would miss them, but I was excited to go to my new home. I felt very confident that I looked great in my “new suit”, because the people in DTS had taken such great care of me.  I imagined how many people would look at me and want to take me home.  Then I worried that nobody would want me, and that I would sit on the shelf until my pages turned yellow.  I couldn’t think like that.  I had to be positive! 


     At last I arrived!  The people at the Lake Havasu branch library unpacked me and made me available to the public.  That is when I discovered that there were eleven people who had placed holds on me!  I was wanted and adored by the public, and they hadn’t even seen me yet.  With that kind of reception I knew I had found my new home.  The only thing left to do was invite my cousins (other books in my series) and hope they could come here to live, too.